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January 2012

Ref Title Type
IPG417 Breast reconstruction using lipomodelling after breast cancer treatment Interventional procedures
IPG419 Bronchial thermoplasty for severe asthma Interventional procedures
TA244 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - roflumilast Technology appraisals
TA242 Colorectal cancer (metastatic) 2nd line - cetuximab, bevacizumab and panitumumab (review) Technology appraisals
DG3 Computed tomography (CT) scanners for cardiac imaging - Somatom Definition Flash, Aquilion One, Brilliance iCT and Discovery CT750 Diagnostics guidance
IPG416 Deep brain stimulation for refractory epilepsy Interventional procedures
CG137 Epilepsy Clinical guidelines
TA243 Follicular lymphoma - rituximab (review) Technology appraisals
TA241 Leukaemia (chronic myeloid) - dasatinib, nilotinib, imatinib (intolerant, resistant) Technology appraisals
IPG418 Percutaneous transluminal radiofrequency sympathetic denervation of the renal artery for resistant hypertension Interventional procedures
TA245 Venous thromboembolism - apixaban (hip and knee surgery) Technology appraisals

February 2012

Ref Title Type
TA248 Diabetes (type 2) - exenatide (prolonged release) Technology appraisals
CG138 Patient experience in adult NHS services Clinical guidelines
QS15 Patient experience in adult NHS services Quality Standards
TA247 Rheumatoid arthritis - tocilizumab (rapid review TA198) Technology appraisals
TA246 Venom anaphylaxis - immunotherapy pharmalgen Technology appraisals

March 2012

Ref Title Type
TA249 Atrial fibrillation - dabigatran etexilate Technology appraisals
QS16 Hip fracture in adults Quality Standards
IPG422 Incisionless otoplasty Interventional procedures
CG139 Infection control Clinical guidelines
QS17 Lung cancer for adults Quality Standards
IPG420 Percutaneous venoplasty for chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency for multiple sclerosis Interventional procedures
MTG9 PleurX peritoneal catheter drainage system for vacuum assisted drainage of treatment-resistant recurrent malignant ascites Medical technologies guidance
IPG421 Transcatheter aortic valve implantation for aortic stenosis Interventional procedures
PH37 Tuberculosis - hard-to-reach groups Public health guidance

April 2012

Ref Title Type
TA250 Breast cancer (advanced) - eribulin Technology appraisals
IPG425 Endoscopic balloon dilatation for subglottic or tracheal stenosis Interventional procedures
IPG423 Focal therapy using cryoablation for localised prostate cancer Interventional procedures
IPG424 Focal therapy using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for localised prostate cancer Interventional procedures
TA253 Hepatitis C (genotype 1) - boceprevir Technology appraisals
TA252 Hepatitis C (genotype 1) - telaprevir Technology appraisals
TA251 Leukaemia (chronic myeloid, first line) - dasatinib, nilotinib and standard-dose imatinib Technology appraisals
IPG426 Micropressure therapy for refractory Ménière's disease Interventional procedures
TA254 Multiple sclerosis (relapsing-remitting) - fingolimod Technology appraisals

May 2012

Ref Title Type
TA256 Atrial fibrillation (stroke prevention) - rivaroxaban Technology appraisals
CG140 Opioids in palliative care Clinical guidelines
QS18 Ovarian cancer Quality Standards
IPG427 Percutaneous balloon cryoablation for pulmonary vein isolation in atrial fibrillation Interventional procedures
MTG10 Pipeline embolisation device for the treatment of complex intracranial aneurysms Medical technologies guidance
TA255 Prostate cancer - cabazitaxel Technology appraisals

June 2012

Ref Title Type
CG141 Acute upper GI bleeding Clinical guidelines
CG142 Autism in adults Clinical guidelines
QS19 Bacterial meningitis and meningococcal septicaemia in children and young people Quality Standards
TA257 Breast cancer (metastatic hormone-receptor) - lapatinib and trastuzumab (with aromatase inhibitor) Technology appraisals
IPG428 Extracorporeal membrane carbon dioxide removal Interventional procedures
TA258 Lung cancer (non small cell, EGFR-TK mutation positive) - erlotinib (1st line) Technology appraisals
TA260 Migraine (chronic) - botulinum toxin type A Technology appraisals
TA259 Prostate cancer (metastatic, castration resistant) - abiraterone (following cytoxic therapy) Technology appraisals
CG143 Sickle cell acute painful episode Clinical guidelines
CG144 Venous thromboembolic diseases Clinical guidelines

July 2012

Ref Title Type
IPG429 Endovascular stent insertion for intracranial atherosclerotic disease Interventional procedures
IPG430 Partial replacement of the meniscus of the knee using a biodegradable scaffold Interventional procedures
PH38 Preventing type 2 diabetes - risk identification and interventions for individuals at high risk Public health guidance
CG145 Spasticity in children and young people Clinical guidelines
TA262 Ulcerative colitis (moderate to severe, second line) - adalimumab (terminated appraisal) Technology appraisals
TA261 Venous thromboembolism (treatment and long term secondary prevention) - rivaroxaban Technology appraisals

August 2012

Ref Title Type
DG4 Adjunctive colposcopy technologies for examination of the uterine cervix - DySIS and the Niris Imaging System Diagnostics guidance
CG149 Antibiotics for early-onset neonatal infection Clinical guidelines
TA263 Bevacizumab in combination with capecitabine for the first-line treatment of metastatic breast cancer Technology appraisals
QS20 Colorectal cancer Quality Standards
CG147 Lower limb peripheral arterial disease Clinical guidelines
MTG11 Mega Soft Patient Return Electrode for use during monopolar electrosurgery Medical technologies guidance
CG146 Osteoporosis fragility fracture Clinical guidelines
DG5 SonoVue (sulphur hexafluoride microbubbles) - contrast agent for contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging of the liver Diagnostics guidance
QS21 Stable angina Quality Standards
CG148 Urinary incontinence in neurological disease Clinical guidelines

September 2012

Ref Title Type
QS22 Antenatal care Quality Standards
CG150 Headaches Clinical guidelines
IPG431 Laparoscopic insertion of a magnetic bead band for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease Interventional procedures
CG151 Neutropenic sepsis Clinical guidelines
PH39 Smokeless tobacco cessation - South Asian communities Public health guidance
TA264 Stroke (acute, ischaemic) - alteplase Technology appraisals

October 2012

Ref Title Type
TA265 Bone metastases from solid tumours - denosumab Technology appraisals
CG152 Crohn's disease Clinical guidelines
CG153 Psoriasis Clinical guidelines
PH40 Social and emotional wellbeing - early years Public health guidance

November 2012

Ref Title Type
TA267 Chronic heart failure - ivabradine Technology appraisals
TA266 Cystic fibrosis - mannitol dry powder for inhalation Technology appraisals
DG6 Depth of anaesthesia monitors (E-Entropy, BIS and Narcotrend) Diagnostics guidance
QS23 Drug use disorders Quality Standards
IPG432 Laparoscopic gastric plication for the treatment of severe obesity Interventional procedures
QS24 Nutrition support in adults Quality Standards
PH42 Obesity - working with local communities Public health guidance
IPG433 Percutaneous laser atherectomy as an adjunct to balloon angioplasty (with or without stenting) for peripheral arterial disease Interventional procedures
IPG434 Radiofrequency cold ablation for respiratory papillomatosis Interventional procedures
DG7 SeHCAT (Tauroselcholic [75Selenium] acid) for the investigation of bile acid malabsorption (BAM) and measurement of bile acid pool loss Diagnostics guidance
PH41 Walking and cycling Public health guidance

December 2012

Ref Title Type
CG154 Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage Clinical guidelines
PH43 Hepatitis B and C - ways to promote and offer testing Public health guidance
TA270 Leukaemia (acute myeloid ) - decitabine (terminated appraisal) Technology appraisals
TA269 Melanoma (BRAF V600 mutation positive, unresectable metastatic) - vemurafenib Technology appraisals
TA268 Melanoma (stage III or IV) - ipilimumab Technology appraisals

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