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January 2008

Ref Title Type
TA135 Mesothelioma - pemetrexed disodium Technology appraisals
PH8 Physical activity and the environment Public health guidance
TA134 Psoriasis - infliximab Technology appraisals
IPG249 Ultrasound-guided catheterisation of the epidural space Interventional procedures

February 2008

Ref Title Type
PH9 Community engagement Public health guidance
IPG254 Endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration (EBUS-TBNA) for mediastinal masses Interventional procedures
CG61 Irritable bowel syndrome Clinical guidelines
IPG253 Laparoscopic mobilisation of the greater omentum for breast reconstruction Interventional procedures
IPG252 Laser-assisted cerebral vascular anastomosis without temporary arterial occlusion Interventional procedures
IPG251 Liposuction for chronic lymphoedema Interventional procedures
TA137 Lymphoma (follicular non-Hodgkin's) - rituximab Technology appraisals
CG59 Osteoarthritis Clinical guidelines
CG58 Prostate cancer Clinical guidelines
PH10 Smoking cessation services Public health guidance
TA136 Structural neuroimaging in first-episode psychosis Technology appraisals
CG60 Surgical management of OME Clinical guidelines

March 2008

Ref Title Type
CG62 Antenatal care Clinical guidelines
TA138 Asthma (in adults) - corticosteroids Technology appraisals
CG63 Diabetes in pregnancy Clinical guidelines
IPG255 Intraoperative nerve monitoring during thyroid surgery Interventional procedures
PH11 Maternal and child nutrition Public health guidance
CG64 Prophylaxis against infective endocarditis Clinical guidelines
TA139 Sleep apnoea - continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) Technology appraisals
PH12 Social and emotional wellbeing in primary education Public health guidance

April 2008

Ref Title Type
IPG257 Allogeneic pancreatic islet cell transplantation for type 1 diabetes mellitus Interventional procedures
IPG259 Interstitial photodynamic therapy for malignant parotid tumours Interventional procedures
IPG258 Intraoperative red blood cell salvage during radical prostatectomy or radical cystectomy Interventional procedures
CG65 Perioperative hypothermia (inadvertent) Clinical guidelines
TA141 Rheumatoid arthritis (refractory) - abatacept Technology appraisals
TA140 Ulcerative colitis (subacute manifestations) - infliximab Technology appraisals

May 2008

Ref Title Type
TA142 Anaemia (cancer-treatment induced) - erythropoietin (alfa and beta) and darbepoetin Technology appraisals
TA143 Ankylosing spondylitis - adalimumab, etanercept and infliximab Technology appraisals
IPG260 Canaloplasty for primary open-angle glaucoma Interventional procedures
IPG261 Endoaortic balloon occlusion for cardiac surgery Interventional procedures
CG67 Lipid modification Clinical guidelines
PH13 Promoting physical activity in the workplace Public health guidance
IPG262 Single-incision sub-urethral short tape insertion for stress urinary incontinence in women Interventional procedures
CG66 Type 2 diabetes (partially updated by CG87) Clinical guidelines

June 2008

Ref Title Type
TA147 Breast cancer (advanced & metastatic) - bevacizumab (withdrawn) Technology appraisals
TA150 Colorectal cancer (metastatic) - cetuximab (terminated appraisal) Technology appraisals
TA149 Glioma (recurrent) - carmustine implants (terminated appraisal) Technology appraisals
TA145 Head and neck cancer - cetuximab Technology appraisals
IPG264 Implantation of multifocal (non-accommodative) intraocular lenses during cataract surgery Interventional procedures
IPG263 Lumbar infusion test for the investigation of normal pressure hydrocephalus Interventional procedures
TA148 Lung cancer (non-small-cell) - bevacizumab (terminated appraisal) Technology appraisals
TA146 Psoriasis - adalimumab Technology appraisals
IPG267 Surgical repair of vaginal wall prolapse using mesh Interventional procedures

July 2008

Ref Title Type
IPG268 Brachytherapy as the sole method of adjuvant radiotherapy for breast cancer after local excision Interventional procedures
TA152 Coronary artery disease - drug-eluting stents Technology appraisals
TA151 Diabetes - insulin pump therapy Technology appraisals
IPG270 Direct skeletal fixation of limb or digit prostheses using intraosseous transcutaneous implants Interventional procedures
CG70 Induction of labour Clinical guidelines
IPG269 Laparoscopic gastrectomy for cancer Interventional procedures
PH14 Preventing the uptake of smoking by children and young people Public health guidance
CG69 Respiratory tract infections Clinical guidelines
CG68 Stroke Clinical guidelines

August 2008

Ref Title Type
CG71 Familial hypercholesterolaemia Clinical guidelines
TA153 Hepatitis B - entecavir Technology appraisals
TA154 Hepatitis B - telbivudine Technology appraisals
IPG272 Implantation of miniature lens systems for advanced age-related macular degeneration Interventional procedures
TA155 Macular degeneration (age-related) - ranibizumab and pegaptanib Technology appraisals
TA156 Pregnancy (rhesus negative women) - routine anti-D (review) Technology appraisals
PSG002 Technical patient safety solutions for ventilator-associated pneumonia in adults Patient safety solutions pilot
IPG271 Total wrist replacement Interventional procedures

September 2008

Ref Title Type
CG72 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Clinical guidelines
IPG274 Autologous pancreatic islet cell transplantation for improved glycaemic control after pancreatectomy Interventional procedures
IPG273 Balloon catheter dilation of paranasal sinus ostia for chronic sinusitis Interventional procedures
CG73 Chronic kidney disease Clinical guidelines
PH15 Identifying and supporting people most at risk of dying prematurely Public health guidance
TA158 Influenza (prophylaxis) - amantadine, oseltamivir and zanamivir Technology appraisals
TA157 Venous thromboembolism - dabigatran Technology appraisals

October 2008

Ref Title Type
PH16 Occupational therapy and physical activity interventions to promote the mental wellbeing of older people in primary care and residential care Public health guidance
TA159 Pain (chronic neuropathic or ischaemic) - spinal cord stimulation Technology appraisals
CG74 Surgical site infection Clinical guidelines

November 2008

Ref Title Type
IPG277 Electrically-stimulated intravesical chemotherapy for superficial bladder cancer Interventional procedures
IPG275 Laparoscopic prostatectomy for benign prostatic obstruction Interventional procedures
TA162 Lung cancer (non-small-cell) - erlotinib Technology appraisals
CG75 Metastatic spinal cord compression Clinical guidelines
TA165 Organ preservation (renal) - machine perfusion and static storage Technology appraisals
IPG276 Transabdominal artificial bowel sphincter implantation for faecal incontinence Interventional procedures

December 2008

Ref Title Type
TA164 Hyperuricaemia - febuxostat Technology appraisals
TA163 Ulcerative colitis (acute exacerbations) - infliximab Technology appraisals

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